Grappenhall Dental Practice was established in April 2006 by Dr Andrew Brown.

We are an independent dental practice providing very high quality dental treatment at very reasonable prices. We receive no funding from the NHS.

Unfortunately, the governments support for NHS dentistry has declined rapidly over the past decade with well publicised difficulties in patients being able to access NHS dental practices and not being able to afford expensive private clinics. Grappenhall Dental Practice still believes in the public's right to access high quality care at reasonable prices. We provide a full range of treatments such as amalgam and white fillings, cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening and endodontics (root treatments).

Referrals available for specialist Private treatments and NHS children’s orthodontics

We are committed to continuing dental education and keep abreast of the changes in modern dentistry. All of our team participate in a continuing professional development programme which keeps their knowledge and skills up to date.

We are a modern practice with state of the art facilities and equipment, utilising the very best materials and techniques allowing us to provide our patients with the very best possible care.

Our friendly experienced staff and calming environment will ensure your visit is as relaxing as possible and the gentle care and expertise of our dentists will endeavour to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We can provide treatment based on your clinical needs not tied to various targets or budgets like NHS practices. We can advise you of all your treatment options, not just what may be available to you on the NHS.

Our dentists are all UK qualified and have experience of working in both NHS and private practices.

As we receive no funding from the NHS, unfortunately we can only provide treatment to fee paying patients, those who are exempt from payment would have to find an NHS dentist. We do treat children free of charge up to the age of 16 but conditions apply.

Grappenhall Dental Practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission(cert no 1-262050914)

Details of which can be obtained from:

CQC City Gate


Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: 03000 61 61 61

Email: enquireis@cqc.org.uk

Contact Details

148 Knutsford Road,

0800 756 3240 (local rate)

Direct Tel: 01925 210977
0r 01925 481341




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